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Soft like cashmere

Bamboo clothing is quick-drying, comfortable, cooling and feels soft like cashmere. The fabric wrinkles minimally and can simply be washed in the washing machine.


The micro-small holes in the bamboo fiber allow the clothing to absorb and evaporate sweat 4 times faster. The clothes don't stick to your skin if it's too hot, your body stays dry so you don't overheat.


Bamboo is remarkably breathable due to the open structure of the fibres, making it cooling in summer and warmer than cotton in winter. Bamboo is therefore also called "air conditioning clothing".

Anti bacterial

One of the unique properties of bamboo is the self-contained anti-bacterial substance, which prevents bad odors from getting into your clothes. With other substances this is achieved by all kinds of chemical additives. People with very sensitive skin and/or allergies can therefore wear bamboo clothing with confidence.

UV protective

Bamboo is UV protective and filters 98% of the UV rays from the skin. This way you and your child stay extra well protected against the sun.


Further explanation of our bamboo viscose:
The bamboo used for JOF rompers "The Moso bamboo" grows to a height of 12 to 15 metres in just a few months. This bamboo comes mainly from China. Bamboo grows everywhere and needs almost nothing to do so. It grows entirely with just sunlight and rainwater and therefore no artificial watering is needed. In addition, bamboo is iron strong and has antibacterial properties of its own, which also eliminates the need to use pesticides or insecticides.

Bamboo clothing, also known as bamboo viscose, is clothing whose raw material is bamboo. Bamboo viscose has unique properties that make it a very good textile to make clothes from. The fabric is soft and comfortable and it keeps you fresh due to its open cell structure.

The bamboo used for our bodies is grown and harvested entirely organically. This is done by specialised bamboo farmers on plantations in China, fully FSC certified. To make bamboo into bamboo viscose, chemicals are also used in this process.

We work with a factory that recovers and recycles the vast majority of the chemicals. The part that is not recycled, they process to then dispose of responsibly. All this is done according to the OEKO-TEX STEP® certificate. This certificate guarantees that employees are well protected and can work safely.

Finally, it is produced in Europe (at our supplier) into our well-known JOF body.