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Wow... 3 years JOF!

JOF rompers has been around for 3 years already...

And it is now an indispensable part of our lives. Bizarre what can happen in 3 years… We now know how to find the right suppliers, keep our ears and eyes open and continue to develop in new “even better” products. And it has already given us so many wonderful moments. Beautiful conversations with so many different types of people and their search for the right product.

From a father looking for the finest, softest fabric for his incontinent son to a woman who wants to have a pair of beautiful bibs made for her mother with Alzheimer's. From a winter sports enthusiast who doesn't want cold backs on the slopes for his entire family to a child who has to undergo hip surgery and it is nice that larger size rompers are available. So beautiful that the threshold for these people is low enough to visit us.

JOF also knows the sad stories of people with their lifelong care for their child due to a disability or serious illness, and who eventually had to say goodbye....  This has not passed us by either.

But this must also have been good for something, our daughter Fien who introduced us to all of you. A very special world that we didn't even know existed 8 years ago. We are so grateful that we can make a small contribution to this world, we cannot take away the worries, as much as we would like to, but we will continue to do our best to alleviate this worry!

Our girl's journey has become our life's journey “Journey Of Fien”  JOF 

Thank you!