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Passapas Passion

Did you enjoy your kids today?

Perhaps not as exuberantly as my daughter danced the "Passapas" with passion this morning but with some kind of king's games at school, medical center or daycare?

I know that at my EMB daughter's school they won't let this day just pass by. This is therefore fully filled with games and music! Although at a slower pace, that should not spoil the fun.

The sun was shining today, but it was very cold, all the more reasons to dance your feet off the floor outside in the schoolyard. I enter the schoolyard with mixed feelings. After the death of our daughter, I continue to find it difficult to mingle with people. and especially at a children's party I find it a difficult thing, but my daughter was shining on stage in her orange outfit. This morning she was allowed to show her dancing skills together with the girls of the class during the opening of the King's Games. Enough reasons for me to take a look anyway. I proudly see her doing her “Passapas” dance among her friends and she is beaming.

 And then you realize again how lucky you are that you can enjoy another beautiful daughter with such a beautiful daughter   and that really makes life a bit more valuable.  

Full of passion with the song of the “Passapas” in the back of my mind and with a beautiful bunch of flowers that I got from my partner (admittedly from a customer, but still…) I start the day with a sunny set of bibs.