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The challenges of tube feeding

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…. Anyone who has to deal with tube feeding will recognize this sound like no other. Mega annoying because that means that the tube is once again double broken, so that the power supply does not go through. These noises always come at the most undesirable moment.

Do you recognize this? 

- On the way in the car, (the entire route that annoying beeping)
- In the wheelchair or worse…
- Then your child “finally” sleeps well, turns around and then: “beep, beep”…

Whaaa! Everything is relative, of course, as many of you know, we had to say goodbye to our EBM girl. And of course we would love to hear these beeps if… so well. Now we finally sat on a terrace again this afternoon. And sure enough… I got that mega annoying feeling over me again, we heard those same nasty beeps somewhere? With great surprise we found out after a while that the coffee machine in the restaurant made exactly the same sound.  It is impossible to describe what an impact a sound can have.

Since a short while we also have tube feeding rompers in our webshop, with press studs in the middle so that the tube can be easily connected. It is a handy tool for keeping incontinence material in place, but they are also a great tool for easily feeding the feeding tube. And this way you immediately prevent the annoying beeping of the pump.

This cutie in the picture is our Fien by the way
(unfortunately without that oh so handy tube feeding romper on)

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