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If we only knew then what we know now...

Today April 20, 2020 - a notification on my Instagram account with a memory from 5 years ago. Fien  was just recovering from her umpteenth bad week of being sick. Something like epileptic seizures that usually lasted for a week. Spit out everything she had in her for a week. And then strengthen again for 3 weeks and then do the whole thing again. Pooh, looking back at this memory now, it was quite normal for us. Fien, our girl really taught us to be very flexible. Our lives went a lot slower then. If one weekend went down, we always had a back-up plan for the next weekend. And all our dear friends and family knew that and adapted effortlessly. The holidays were therefore not obvious, but we really enjoyed it when it worked.

Today 20 April, 75 years ago, Nijkerk (the place we call "home") was liberated, how special is that! And so important to celebrate but unfortunately that is now from home. Now with "Corona" I see many people around me struggling with that decreased freedom. I think many people with a disability or parents of a limited child can confirm that: it is difficult! But...  you get used to it, really! And even then you can still enjoy it. Maybe even just a little more. 🧡 I still remember this memory of our daughter as if it were yesterday, it was finally a beautiful day to sit outside, Fien let out a smile from her bed and that was the sign for us that she was here again "from a while gone”. Mom, Dad, I'm back and look, I'm clapping along... our little angel 😇